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My recommended Links!
Toxic Seahorse!!!

If a link does not work E-mail me and I'll fix the prob!

PLEASE!!! If you find a VERY good web hosting service thats free E-MAIL me the link! This 50megs thing handicaps you to CRAP! I cant put links anywhere I want to but where IT wants to! So help! E-mail us here at MangaMoon.

Web Comics that are VERY funny!
RPG World Comic A EXTREMELY funny webcomic about how RPG's don't make sense to real life.
8-Bit Theatre The next best webcomic out on the web, very funny! Also does the "RPG's are weird" stuff.
Dirty Power Inc. The third funny SPRITE comic! They also have MANY sprite sheets, good place. "Sprite is a videogame image!"
Keen Spot Comics Has all your webcomic needs! Check out their Keenspace hosting service so you can get a online comic going. I'm trying to get mine "Metechno Bop" Online Comic up right now...

POLYKARBON TUTORIALS A VERY nice site on how to draw ANIME STYLE! I'm still learning from them as you can see...
TacoBell Dog Help support the chihuahua by downloading sound bytes and movie images! Also buy some cool Chihuahua toys!
Clock Crew VERY funny people who post alot flash movies at! Strawberry clock is king of the portal! P|-|332!!!
Newgrounds-Flash movie paradise! Yep, soon, some of my flash movies are going to be complete and up here. My name on there is LightChaosMoon...just like my Gamefaqs name!
Gamefaqs Ultimate gaming message board!!!
SNES roms and SNES emulators A GREAT place for playing those old Super NES games that we all used to love! I think some of the games are down the last time I went to it.
Anime Pike I love it! Has links to the BEST of anime AND hentai!
Google Search Engine I rather use this than yahoo! It gives me MORE sites and it doesn't have all that complex mumbo jumbo on it! (Lol, I said mumbo jumbo!) to the most... If you are EXTREMELY bored, come on down! It gives you alot of weird and funky links to the most weirdest web sites!